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Preventing Diaper Rash

Author: Lau Wing Lam
Registered nurse at SKH St. Thomas ‘Child Care Centre


Babies have very delicate skin, which is only about one-third as thick as an adult’s. If the skin is constantly exposed to urine, feces, or other irritants, it can easily develop redness or small, raised rashes, resulting in diaper rash.

  • Initially, there will be redness, followed by the appearance of small, raised rashes.
Causes of Diaper Rash:
  • The most common cause is irritant-induced, meaning it is caused by the irritation of urine or feces coming into contact with the skin.
  • It can also be allergic in nature, which means the baby is allergic to the material of the diaper. In such cases, it is necessary to switch to a different brand of diapers.
How to prevent diaper rash:
  • Frequent diaper changes are essential.
  • During diaper changes, you can first use warm water to clean the buttocks and then use a mild cleanser to remove any residue from the skin.
  • After cleaning the baby’s buttocks, allow the skin to dry completely before putting on a fresh diaper. You can also apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream to the baby.
What kind of moisturizing cream should I use?
  • Common moisturizing creams available on the market, such as petroleum jelly, work by creating a barrier between the skin and excretions, forming a protective waterproof layer.

***If the condition does not improve or becomes severe, consult a doctor. ***


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Preventing Diaper Rash