Language Development

Signs of Language Delay

Author: Karen KEISpeech and Language Therapist Receptive language delay is when a person has difficulty understanding spoken words and language that you read or hear. This includes difficulty understanding concepts such as shapes, colours, prepositions (in front/behind), time (before/after), grammar (plurals, third person singular, past tense) etc. Some children have difficulty understanding oral language and

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The Power of Shared Reading

Author: Karen KEI Speech and Language Therapist Shared reading is an interactive reading experience that happens when the children join in or read together while guided by an experienced reader. This could be parents, caregivers, siblings, or teachers. In shared reading, children learn to observe and participate in reading, learn essential concepts of how print

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Keys to Support Your Baby’s Early Language Learning

Author: Qing LIUAssistant Professor, Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education Language develops with an extraordinary speed in early years. At age one, your child starts to use single words to name familiar objects; only a year or two later, he/she can use diverse vocabulary into grammatically correct sentences, to satisfy needs, converse with others,

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