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For Crying Out Loud!

For Crying Out Loud!

A: Yes. This is how babies communicate.

A: Try the typical soothing mechanisms first. Trust your instincts if your gut is telling you that there is something wrong.

A: It is their way of communicating and just as you would not usually ignore someone speaking to you, so too must a baby’s communication not be ignored.

A: Discomfort, hunger, illness, fear, colic, over-stimulation (too many visitors!), etc.

A: Not at all, it means the baby is communicating a need.

A: Babies cannot be spoilt. In fact, most thrive if they feel secure and safe and have their needs met.

A: Never – a harsh response or reaction will scare the baby and likely escalate the crying.

A: Eliminate the usual reasons: diaper/hunger/body temperature/wind, etc.

A: It is a sign of strength to know when you need to take a break; never be embarrassed to ask for help.

A: Some parents fear that there is a link with contracting middle-ear infections and that sucking on a pacifier can disrupt breast-feeding practices and place baby at risk for future dental problems.