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Is My Child Ready To Talk?

Is My Child Ready To Talk?

A: They are ready when they have acquired all the preverbal skills.

A: They need to be able to consistently respond to things perceived through their senses, e.g. things seen, heard and felt.

A: This is a sign that your child enjoys interacting with others, which is crucial for communication development.

A: You can take turns with your child in play and in other interactions. Find a toy that has many parts or pieces, and take turns placing them with your child. Another way is to take turns rolling a ball back-and-forth.

A: This means that when you are playing with a toy with your child, they are able to shift their attention between you and the toy.

A: Because they need to first understand words before they can use them.

A: Encourage your child by making silly sounds, copying your child’s sounds and responding to as many of your child’s communicative attempts as possible.

A: Help your child imitate actions first, as they are the easiest to imitate. Then move onto gestures, then sounds, and finally words.

A: You should consult a speech therapist as soon as possible.