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Learn To Play or Play to Learn?

Learn To Play or Play to Learn?

A: The sooner you start engaging in play with your baby the better – research has shown the benefits.

A: No, in fact the list above shows how one can use household items and to rather be more “hands on”.

A: Use your normal voice and keep it gentle and enthusiastic – the tone should not be jarring or harsh.

A: We know the cognitive and social benefits of interactive play and much research has proven this.

A: Those that require interactive engagement and involve human-to-human touch, eye contact and communication.

A: Always take concerns to your family doctor or pediatrician if baby’s reactions are unexpected and development seems to be slow.

A: Yes, that is why there is always the caution to gently engage in the more “physical” play activities.

A: Do not over-stimulate baby – rule of thumb is to start slowly once baby is fully awake and is between sleeping and feeding: gradually work through the list and remember that just as adults are individuals with preferences, so too are babies.