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Tips on Optical Correction, Patching, and Eye Safety

Tips on Optical Correction, Patching, and Eye Safety

A: Your optometrist will advise if the glasses are needed for part-time or full-time wear, or perhaps during specific visual tasks.

A: Not all glasses are prescribed for visual clarity, some are designed to enhance visual function so your child can see comfortably for longer, without strain, thus maximising their visual performance.

A: Absolutely, UV protection is important for all ages.

A: If your child plays a lot of contact sports and needs glasses, sports glasses are more protective and robust.

A: There are frame designs made with soft flexible materials and a strap suitable for light sporting activities.

A: Custom-made prescription goggles are available and may be advised depending on your child’s needs.


Model and wear glasses yourself where possible


Timing is critical
Distract with engaging activities
Be consistent

A: Always flush with copious amounts of room temperature water immediately for at least 15 minutes.

A: Head straight for the hospital emergency.