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Baby, What’s Your Name?

Baby, What’s Your Name?

A: Babies usually respond to their names between 6 and 7 months of age.

A: Babies usually begin talking by about 12 months of age and this is when you will hear them saying their own names.

A: A baby might have a development delay, learning disorder or communication problem.

A: If you are concerned that your baby is not responding to sounds, you should talk with a professional health care worker as soon as possible.

A: No, all babies are unique and follow their own developmental pathways. It is quite possible that siblings will learn their names at different ages. There is no need for concern if this happens.

A: Use your baby’s name often and in meaningful ways such as during meal preparation times, routine times (such as bath time) and during conversations such as on the way to the park or to play.

A: Asking questions using your baby’s name is a fun way to support learning.

A: Make a book of photographs of family members including your baby. Show this to your baby often especially if they do not regularly see their family members.

A: Definitely not! Rather teach the people who come into contact with your family how to say the name. This is respectful and the right thing to do.

A: Yes, there are wonderful storybooks. Find the list in the article or ask your local librarian.