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Be Glad to be a Dad

Be Glad to be a Dad

A: Parenting is a package deal and should be an equal partnership. Open communication about each parent’s decisions, viewpoints, and actions regarding all aspects to do with the child should always occur regardless of who is doing the primary hands-on parenting.

A: Have an open and frank discussion with everyone concerned, outlining what you perceive your role in your child’s life to be. Address your concerns head on – communication is key.

A: The chances of your child having better language and social skills, as well as feeling more secure to explore the world as a result of having an involved father, are well-documented in many research studies.

A: Absolutely not – they had their turn as parents. Communicate with all the relevant role-players and set out your parental expectations, reminding them that they are wonderfully involved GRANDparents – thank them for fulfilling that role in your child’s life.

A: This is a personal choice but well-presented and informative parenting programs that provide information and a means of connecting with other parents are so valuable. If one parent decides on attending, I would urge the other to also take up the opportunity. Research has proven that guidelines and programs given to both parents are more successful than those delivered to just one parent.

A: Reading from storybooks every single night could be a valuable and highly anticipated shared activity for both dad and child. The far-reaching and positive effects on the child’s development because of being read to (from carefully and mindfully selected books) are well-documented.

A: A New Year’s Reunion by Yu Li-Qiong is a beautifully poignant story: dad works away from home and his coming home for New Year is a cause for celebrating. This story can help a child who misses their father.

A: A delightful book for bedtime reading together is Mercer Mayer’s Just Me and My Dad.

A: I love dad with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a lovely choice and this sweet book is written from the child’s perspective.