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Screen Time for Children

Screen Time for Children

A: Age 0-1: no screens; 2-4: no more than 1 hour per day.

A: Blue light exposure close to bedtime may disrupt sleep.

A: The evidence is unclear. The problem with screens is that they are used very close to our eyes – increasing blue light exposure. This proximity also causes strain on our eye-focusing system and dry eyes from reduced blinking.

A: Increased screen use is associated with reduced outdoor time which is important in myopia prevention.

A: Screen time is ok for children older than 2, but be mindful of the working distance, sit back, and take breaks.

A: Video chatting is good for social and language development.

A: There is no strong evidence but some people find these helpful. You may consider adding on the filter coating if your child already wears glasses.

A: A setting on iOS that encourages further working distance from the device if held closer than 12 inches.