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Screening The Screens

Screening The Screens

A: No, screens themselves are not necessarily the problem. The amount of time spent watching screens and the quality of what is on the screen can be a problem.

A: It is not recommended for children to watch TV alone, even if it is ‘educational.’ You should always be around to answer questions and interact with your child and the content they are watching.

A: Babies need to be active and need real people to interact with. Passive screen time is not suitable for babies.

A: Yes, this is one time that screen time is highly recommended. This kind of screen time builds relationships as your child is engaged and interactive during the video call.

A: Young children need to be relaxed and calm before going to sleep. Children exposed to screen time less than an hour before bed time will struggle to relax and go to sleep since the screens are very stimulating for the brain.

A: Eating together is an opportunity to experience the joy of each other’s company and also enjoying the food. Watching a screen encourages mindless eating and this is not a healthy habit.

A: A family meal outing is a good opportunity to chat about the food, for example, the colours, the flavours and the names of the foods.

A:  Of course! Flexibility as a parent is so important. There are some days when we feel overwhelmed. In this case, we suggest, for example, that you eat meals without a screen as often as you can, and use screens as a tool when you need to.

A: Sesame Street is a highly recommended TV programme for young children. In addition, Sesame Street storybooks and games can also be used.