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Toddlers and Mathematics – How to add this up!

Toddlers and Mathematics – FAQ

A:  Include mathematics in everyday activities and routines. Make it fun and the learning will stick.

A: Please don’t! Toddler learn best through hands-on concrete activities.  And they love to learn with you.

A: Always follow your child’s lead and interest.  Let them hold the book, let them explore the book too.  There is no rush to finish the book.  You can always come back to it.

A: It is not necessary to buy special equipment.  Use the everyday things you have at home. These are the best as they are part of the child’s real life too.

A: Games like I spy are good.  For example, pick a shape and look for it in your apartment.  “I spy something round and red. Can you see it?” Use some spatial language clues to help them find it.  For example, “It’s next to the window”

A: Songs use pattern and repetition and these are part of mathematics.  Some songs also involve counting and others concepts like up and down (for example, The Wheels on the Bus). There are wonderful resources such as on You-Tube.  A reminder to listen to them with your child rather than letting your child listen alone.

A: Always use your home language.  You can always add other languages but the main focus must always be home language.

A: Children develop attitudes from their parents. Model a positive attitude to mathematics by playing games, reading storybooks and including mathematics in fun ways.  Remember, mathematics is learned not something inborn.  Focus on what you and your child can do. You will soon love mathematics too!