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Top 10 Toys to Facilitate Language Development​

Top 10 Toys to Facilitate Language Development

A: Start with toys with a clear ending. For example, puzzles, shape sorters and coin banks. Make sure you give him/her lots of praises,

A: Choose toys with bright colors, different textures and sound effects which encourage stimulation and exploration.

A: Click here for ideas on choosing the right toy for your child.

A: Make sure you are face-to-face and they can see you. Make silly faces, smile and other facial expressions for them to learn and copy. Respond to their cooing and body language.

A: Use single words or short phrases when playing with your child. Avoid asking too many questions. Playing should be fun and not feeling like a test. You can describe what your child is doing or what you are doing.

A: Make sure you are tuned in and follow their lead. Let your child decide what to play and how to play. Play along and be silly with them and have fun.

A: Play can be in any form. It can be indoor or outdoor. With toys or without toys. The most important thing is that you are enjoying each other’s company.

A: Playing together is one of the most effective ways for building strong relationships with your child. Through play, children learn to build trust and form positive relationships with others.