Screening The Screens

Author: Mary Ann HOODSenior Lecturer, Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education We live in a digital age and children are growing up in a digital world. As such, we cannot escape the reality of screens in our lives. Screens are everywhere. Waiting for the bus, there is a screen telling us what time the …

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Be Glad to be a Dad

Author: Mel WAGENAAREducational psychologist, Teacher and Mother, South Africa  Grab at being a dad – this is not a supporting role or for Father’s Day only! A dad isn’t just a background figure. He should also not be the sole voice of authority or used as a bogeyman threat for non-compliance. Conversely, dads ought not to …

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For Crying Out Loud!

Author: Mel WAGENAAR Educational Psychologist, Teacher and Mother, South Africa If I had a dollar for every time a newly minted young mother asked me: “Is this normal?” I would currently be listening to the ocean, lying on a perfumed beach towel! I do not allow much airtime to the word “normal” in my practice …

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